Brewing Cheap Beer

Have you ever rolled your eyes at a bag of 20 dollar coffee? When you understand more about coffee, you will have a better understanding of those higher-priced bags of coffee. It is more common to buy an 8 dollar container or bag of coffee. The cheaper bag isn’t going to put money back into the coffee farm that it was harvested from. Each dollar can be tracked all the way back to the farm which will only see about 1 dollar from the 8 dollar bag of coffee.

There is a serious generational poverty issue in coffee communities all over the world. Child labor is one of the most used workforces in those communities all over the world. The children have an extreme lack of education, food, and necessity items. The children are too busy working to go and get an education. This is why it continues to happen generation after generation. If you want to be a part of the fight for change in the coffee communities, there is an easy way to do so. Specialty coffees are more expensive for the consumer. They give more of the benefits to the coffee farmers, roasters, and sellers. Everyone in the coffee community can win.

You can purchase specialty coffee at your local coffee shop or from the roasters directly at the farmer’s market. These places are more likely to carry ethically sourced coffee for brewing. Transform your coffee experience by upgrading your coffee beans. If it is possible, avoid purchasing your coffee beans from a grocery store or supermarket. They are filled with bad tasting coffee that is cheap and easily accessible. It can be tempting to buy the more affordable coffee in the larger container. That doesn’t mean it will stay fresh or benefit the coffee community that manufactured it.