What You Need To Know About Gravestones

Gravestones are also known as headstones or tombstones. They are used in Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, burials among others. Gravestones have the deceased information like their name, date of birth, and date of death, among other information. They can also have a message or poem written on them. All this information is useful for history.

Gravestones can be made from;

Fieldstones- gravestones can be made from natural fieldstones that are carved and placed on the head of the tomb.

Granite- granite is also used to make good durable gravestones.

Marble and limestone- marble is crystallized from limestone and is easy to carve.

Sandstones- sandstones are durable and soft hence making it easy to carve good gravestones.

Here are some of the gravestones designs;

Upright gravestone

This is a traditional design that has two parts that are the die and the base. The die sits on the base and has the deceased information like the name and date of birth. Examples of upright gravestones are; single upright gravestones, companion headstones among others.

Slant gravestones

Slant gravestones which are also called slant tombstones are similar to upright gravestones only that they slant in the back. Examples of slant gravestones are the full-face slant gravestone that requires a base and a standard slant gravestone that does not require a base to stand on.

Flat gravestones

Flat headstones are completely leveled with the ground or raised at least 1 to 4 inches above the ground.

Bevel gravestones

Bevel gravestones are slightly sloped to the front. The difference between a bevel gravestone and a flat headstone is that bevel gravestones are thicker than flat headstones.

Wing gravestones

These headstones take a wing-style design. They can be used by more than one person. Their design makes it suitable to write more than one name for instance family member names.

Bench gravestones

These tombstones take the form of a bench. (www.gravsteingrossisten.no) Other than being tombstones, they can also act as benches in the streets.

Children gravestones

Children gravestones are used for children’s burials. They have shapes of toys and animals among others.

Ideal gravestones to look out for;

Bronze gravestones

Bronze gravestones are one of the best gravestones. (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/pages/gravstein-oslo) It is because they are made of 80% copper and 20% metal. For that reason, they last longer without rusting. Although they are quite expensive, they will surely guarantee you the worth of money. They act as a good send-off to the deceased. You can also you custom photos on the bronze gravestones.

Granite gravestones

Granite is the hardest gravestone. It is hard to carve and for that reason, it makes good gravestones. It is possible to find granite gravestones in the same condition they were 1000 years ago. (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/blog/gravstotter-ma-sikres-godt) They also have affordable prices making them ideal for any burial. However, you can find them in different colors and shapes. Their polished finishing gives them a shiny appealing look. You can have custom photos placed on the granite gravestones too.


Gravestones can help trace a tomb many years later. For that reason, it is recommendable to use a good quality gravestone. The information above can help you find a great gravestone that is worth your money.